2018 CS Road Show Registration

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2018 Camp Shutout Summer Road Show presented by Kronser Keeper Academy, LLC.  We are very excited to be partnering with Camp Shutout to bring this event to Madison Wisconsin.


This camp is a 2-day camp only for goalkeepers.  Goalkeepers will be broken down into small groups based on age/ability and have training tailored to their group.  The training focuses on all aspects of the goalkeeper position and is split up into 6 training sessions over the two day camp.
This specific event’s location is Behind Winnequah Elementary School 800 Greenway Rd, Monona, WI 53716 where we will have our own green space and shelter.  There will be bathrooms on site and parking available.

Meals will not be provided however there will be down time between sessions to eat and RELAX.  The RELAXATION is mandatory.  If you would like, you may take your child to a local establishment for meals.  A Sample schedule is below.  


  • Cleats
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Plenty of Water
  • Shin Guards
  • Gloves
  • A pumped up ball (in case, typically balls are provided by staff for training)

Sample Schedule:

8:30-9 AM  – Registration
9-11 AM – Training
11am-1pm – Lunch
1-2pm – Training
2-3pm – Dinner
3-5pm – Training

9-11am – Training
11am-1pm – Lunch
1-2pm – Training
2-3pm – Break
3-5pm – Training (Team Keeper Wars)



For more information call (608) 692-8819 or email kronserkeeperacademy@gmail.com

If you would like to register, please fill out the information below and await your confirmation email.

  • Deposits must be cash or check (Payable to Kronser Keeper Academy, LLC) mailed to the address given in the confirmation email.  Remaining balance must be paid prior to training Saturday Morning (June 9, 2018)*.
  • Full Payments must be cash or check (Payable to Kronser Keeper Academy, LLC) mailed to the address given in the confirmation email or can be made prior to training Saturday Morning (June 9, 2018)*.
  • *NOTE: if payments are not made by 9:00am Saturday June 9, 2018 the goalkeeper will not be allowed to train.

Finally, prior to participating in this event, the PLAYER RELEASE WAIVER must be completed and signed.  Please download, print, complete and bring with to the event along with your payment.



2018 Summer Road Show Registration

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